Latest DofE Residentials

20180413_124815 20180412_191409 20180410_155725We’ve run 2 residentials this year at February half term and over the Easter holidays. Over the February half term we were joined by 25 students, all studying Maths or Physics at A level. They came from all over England to concentrate on their A Levels and revise for half a day, under the teaching of Sue and Adam, as well as having a morning or afternoon activity break – mountain biking, kayaking and walking, led by Andy, Graeme and Will.  During the April residential, 12 students were well catered for: some focusing on just Maths with Amy’s expert guidance and the others covering a wide range of subject all supervised and supported by Jane, All the physical and mental effort were kept sustained by Emma’s meals – with all meals freshly prepared. The cakes were definitely the most popular but plenty of vegetables were sneaked in through fresh soup every lunchtime! Evenings continued to be busy with a magic show by our very own Great Adamos, a Maths based biscuit bake off, a talk by the Edale Mountain Rescue Team and a fascinating talk by Jane Alexander on careers, UCAS, interviews and the next step after A levels.

We stayed in a remote and beautiful outdoor centre overlooking Ladybower reservoir with spectacular views of the hills around.

Our next residentials are down in the New Forest during October half-term (2018) and February half-term (2019). Email me for more details or to book a place:


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