Bronze DofE

We can provide a tailor-made package for your school’s Bronze DofE expedition.20160526_183434

The Bronze Award is often a pupil’s first introduction into the outdoors and can be a steep learning curve. Our highly experienced and qualified instructors will ensure that the skills required are taught with patience and understanding. Team work and co-operation are also vital for a group’s DofE expedition to be successful and these personal skills are developed with the same priority as the practical skills of campcraft and navigation.

We will ensure close communication between your DofE Award Leader in school and us, so that the individual needs of your school and pupils are met, as well as complying with the 20 conditions of the DofE Award. We will take responsibility for the safety of your pupils whilst on the hills and deliver excellent training that meets the needs of every group. If you do not need the whole package for your school but just require some support then we can assist you. Just email us with your requirements.

Standard package for Bronze:

TRAINING & PRACTICE 3 days (Bronze training and practice could be delivered together as three consecutive days or separately.)

DAY 1: A series of workshops with an instructor per group. Covering all aspects of the award.

  •  Tents
  • Camp Craft
  • Clothing / Kit
  • Rucksacks
  • Food
  • Cooking / Trangia
  • Map & Compass
  • Navigation
  • Route Cards
  • Emergency incident management

DAYS 2 & 3: Two days walking, with one night camping. Each group will have an instructor with them to put all aspects of the award into practice.


A 4 hour session to help the group plan their route for their assessment including a review of all aspects of the practice expedition.

1 instructor per 2 groups


Two days of walking with one night of camping. Each group will need to demonstrate that they can confidently meet all the requirements of the award.


One course director per expedition plus one assessor per 2 groups