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We will ensure close communication between your DofE Award Leader in school and us, so that the individual needs of your school and pupils are met, as well as complying with the 20 conditions of the DofE Award. We will take responsibility for the safety of your pupils whilst on the hills and deliver excellent training that meets the needs of every group. We only work on the basis of one instructor per group for practice, so your students will get a high input of training. We will also help you complete all the paperwork needed for the DofE Panels and Local Authorities.

We like to build up good relationships with your staff and pupils. Staff are always welcome to be as involved as they wish during the day and see their pupils out on the hills. Likewise, if you need to get a stack of marking done or recover in a warm café, we will leave you in peace while we get on with the job!

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Click on the links below to find out more about each level.

Bronze Award

Silver Award

Gold Award


First 4 Adventure UK costs per student:

BRONZE: £185.00 plus VAT (includes  a training day in school, 2 day practice, route planning session & 2 day qualifier)

SILVER: £255.00 plus VAT (includes a training day in school, 3 day practice, route planning session & 3 day qualifier)

GOLD: £320.00 plus VAT (includes a training day & 3 day practice combined, route planning session & 4 day qualifier)


In addition, we can also take full responsibility, taking away the need for any school staff. We can provide drivers for minibuses, collecting and returning the pupils from your school and 24/7 pastoral care with experienced and qualified staff. Email us for more details.


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The Duke of Edinburgh’s Award scheme is hard to describe in one word, but my group managed to sum it up fairly well between them: interesting, exciting, intense, difficult, but above all, a worthwhile challenge. When walking out into the Yorkshire Dales, it is typical for you to lose sight of your goal, your target, or perhaps even your motivation for carrying on, after a gruelling 15km (and as a teenager, self-confidence is certainly a fluctuating thing), but the First 4 Adventure team were brilliant in reminding me of why I was climbing the Dales and spending my holiday in the blistering winds and cold: their apparent and real faith in our teams made every single second of the expedition more conceivable and manageable than I thought possible. This faith and confidence in our ability from this company inspired a confidence in ourselves, teaching us to take our heads out of our map once and a while and find the trust in ourselves to navigate our way through the Dales; this guidance also taught us to be appreciative of the beauty of the English countryside, another way to ease the intensity of the walks as we enjoyed the impressive scenery. The trust we had in the First 4 Adventure team not only stemmed from the obvious knowledge they had, but also from their impressive amount of experience, which not only gave us even more faith in their capability, but also made for great conversation, another reason we enjoyed the walks as much as we did. What’s more, the enthusiasm and obvious enjoyment they had for their job amounted in the enormous amount of respect we all had for them, and their entirely selfless attitude helped us embark on a scheme that not only strengthened our bond as a team, but also strengthened our attitude to new and tougher challenges.

Phoebe, 15 years old (Silver DofE)