Latest DofE Residential: Maths & Physics with outdoor activities

We’ve just returned from another Maths and Physics revision with outdoor activities residential. Over the February half term we were joined by 25 students, all studying Maths or Physics at A level. They came from all over England to concentrate on their A Levels and revise for half a day, under the teaching of Sue and Adam, as well as having a morning or afternoon activity break – mountain biking, kayaking and walking, led by Andy, Graeme and Will.  All the physical and mental effort were kept sustained by Emma’s meals – with all meals freshly prepared. The cakes were definitely the most popular but plenty of vegetables were sneaked in through fresh soup every lunchtime! Evenings continued to be busy with a magic show by our very own Great Adamos, a Maths based biscuit bake off and a talk by the Edale Mountain Rescue Team.

We stayed in a remote and beautiful outdoor centre overlooking Ladybower reservoir with spectacular views of the snow-clad hills around. Despite a tricky start due to the weather, we had a fantastic time together and the students soon made good friends with each other.

We look forward to our next one in April, which will enable students to revise either Maths or any/all of their A Levels. At the time of writing this there are a few places left so email me on to book a place.


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