Bushcraft activity day for Lyddington Village

Just as the children and grandchildren from Lyddington in Rutland were starting back at school after the long summer holiday, they gathered for a special bushcraft activity day on a wet and windy Saturday afternoon! Lyddington Parish Council, with money that had been set aside, provided a free event for local children that would involve all ages under 13 for boys and girls. 30 children turned up and spent 4 hours with us making fires, using bushcraft knives to make walking sticks, making jewellery from elder branches, clay stick monsters and finally eating sausages and marhsmallows over a big communal fire. The spells of torrential rain, thunder and distant lightening only added to the atmosphere, as many of the children took the opportunity to twirl and whirl in the rain, feeling it drip down their necks and faces. Luckily we also had plenty of sunshine bursting through, as the photos show!

It was fantastic to see so many children in the village together having fun and engaging with nature and the outdoors. Parents joined us at the end with a glass of wine and more sausages cooked over the fire before taking rather dirty, wet but happy children back home.

A huge thank you to you, Andy and your team for a fabulous day. The children absolutely loved it and I have had lots of positive comments from their parents/grandparents. I really do think that you did a terrific job and would highly recommend you to anyone else wanting to run such an event.
Libby, event organiser

Just a quick note to say THANK YOU for yesterday. The idea of having something that brought all of the children in the village together was brilliant and Emma’s activities superb. There was nothing other than happy smiley faces that I could see across all ages and both genders. A really lovely event.
Kitty, mum of Reggie