Mountaineering and Climbing

The UK’s National Parks offer a rich and varied landscape in which to spend time walking with friends and family. The mountains in Snowdonia, the Lake District and Scotland are abundant with opportunities for mountaineering and climbing, from more straightforward routes to many demanding and challenging routes to cater for every taste, fitness level and level of experience.

We will meet you at a designated place and take you and your group for a day or mountaineering, scrambling or climbing. We can teach you more advanced navigational skills, tell you about the area we are walking in, enable you to observe and enjoy the wildlife and flora around us and for keen photographers get some wonderful opportunities to take some memorable images. If you want to go rock-climbing our highly experienced instructors will find the perfect area to climb depending on whether you’re a beginner or want to push yourself to a higher level with your climbing.

These are the prices for a personal guide for a day spent mountaineering:

1-2 people £200 plus VAT
3-5 people £300 plus VAT
6-8 people £400 plus VAT

These are the prices for a personal instructor for a day spent rock-climbing which includes all specialist climbing equipment:

1-2 people £250 plus VAT
3-5 people £350 plus VAT
6-8 people £550 plus VAT

You will need suitable walking/climbing kit, including waterproofs and a day rucksack with food, spare clothes and drinks.