If you have never wild camped before then make this your first time. It is an unforgettable experience. Wild camping is camping away from a recognised campsite, normally high up in the mountains. Scotland allows wild camping in most unenclosed areas. The same rights do not apply in England or Wales, but there is a tradition of wild camping in the  Lake District and Snowdonia as long as it is done responsibly. We can teach you the skills needed, such as collecting water, cooking on a camping stove and ensuring you leave without a trace of your visit. The rewards of having carried your kit up the mountain, been self-sufficient and felt part of the majestic landscape around you are immense and well worth the extra effort required. Go to sleep listening to the silence of the mountains and wake up to see the sun rise over the distant peaks.

These are the prices for a personal guide for a day’s walk into the mountain, a night’s wildcamp and walk off the mountains:

1-2 people £350 plus VAT
3-5 people £500 plus VAT
6-8 people £600 plus VAT

You would need your own kit and food for the trip. We can organise this at an additional cost.