Adult Trips

2 day Wild Camping Adventure

2 days walking in the spectacular Lake District and wildcamping up in the mountains. 
If you have never been wildcamping before then make this your first time. It is an unforgettable experience. Wild camping is camping away from a recognised campsite, normally high up in the mountains. We can teach you the skills needed, such as collecting water, cooking on a camping stove and ensuring you leave without a trace of your visit. The rewards of having carried your kit up the mountain, been self-sufficient and felt part of the majestic landscape around you are immense and well worth the extra effort required. Go to sleep listening to the silence of the mountains and wake up to see the sun rise over the distant peaks (maybe!).


Day 1: Meet in local cafe at 12pm, before a short drive to starting point and then 2-3 hour steady walk into wild camping spot. Set up camp, cook on a gas stove and watch the sun set over the mountains (hopefully – if weather is kind!).

Day 2: Hot breakfast and drinks, clear up camp, 4-5 hour walk through the mountains with plenty of breaks and photo opportunities, return to car and finish in cafe at approx 2.30pm for well deserved coffee, cake and final chats, before heading home.

We will  guide you all the way, including helping you to set up your camp for the night in the mountains and how to enjoy the unspoilt environment in a safe and responsible way.

The plan will be to walk at a steady pace with plenty of time to enjoy the views, take photographs and learn more about the area. We will provide all food for you including homemade cakes, hot evening meal, hot drinks, breakfast, packed lunch for day 2. We will also provide your tent, cooking stove, camping mat and rucksack if needed and issue you with a full kit list with the option to hire some equipment. You do not need any prior experience, but you should have enough basic fitness to carry a full rucksack and walk on uneven terrain and uphill for a period of time.

Cost: £175 plus VAT per person (£210) or £125 plus VAT per person (£150) if you bring your own tent, rucksack, stove &  camping mat