Gorge Walk & Abseil Day

This day is about maximum adventure as you will spend the morning ascending the famous Afon Ddu gorge. Afon Ddu translates to Black River.  As you travel up the gorge you’ll have to scramble over rocks, climb waterfalls and swim across pools. Along the way you can expect to see some rare ferns and mosses as well as a spectacular waterfall. Once at the top of the gorge everyone can walk down a track back to the cars to warm up and have something to eat. You will then spend the second half of the day in the Gwydir Forest where there is a hidden spot for our abseil. As you head through the trees, you will slowly get a glimpse of the impressive 20-metre cliff that you will be descending. There is a small easy scramble up one side of the cliff before arriving at the top where you will be treated to impressive views over the old mining valley of the Gwydir Forest.

Meet at 10am at a designated carpark with a cafe in Dolgarrog, Conwy, LL32 8QE. Sam will be there to meet and discuss the day ahead. You will then head to a small carpark at the foot of the gorge where you can get kitted up, before starting a short walk uphill to the start of the gorge. To begin with the gorge is very gentle and this gives us chance to adapt to this amazing environment while scrambling over rocks. The gorge then starts to get more interesting with deep pools we have to cross and waterfalls to climb. Along the way Sam will point out some of the rare mosses and ferns all the while ensuring the safety of everyone. You will then arrive at a huge waterfall with a beautiful pool at the foot of it. This is all the more special as the only people who get to see this incredible sight are those who ascend the gorge. After enjoying the sights of this waterfall, you continue on to the top of the gorge before then leaving the gorge and heading back down to the cars to get changed. Once warm and dry and having eaten lunch it’s a short drive to the abseil. The abseil is a chance to test your head for heights. At over 20m meters it is a heart stopping moment when you step over the edge. Sam will keep you safe and reassure you on the way down. Once down you have the chance to head back up to try again, it is always more enjoyable the second time as you know what to expect. The day will end between 3-5pm depending on how many abseils the group wish to do.

Your guide:

Sam is a highly qualified instructor with over 11 years’ experience working in the outdoor industry. He has been leading groups in a variety of activities but gorge walking is one of his favourites. When not exploring gorges, he can be found climbing the cliffs of North Wales. Sam has spent his life in and around North Wales and so knows the area extremely well and loves to show people this amazing place.


Experienced instructor: Sam Bradshaw

Specialist kit: wetsuits, buoyancy aid, helmet and harnesses

Safety kits

Not included/please bring:

Personal kit & clothing: you will need to bring: swim wear, shoes to get wet in (not flipflops or sandals), towel, warm clothes and a change of clothes for the abseil.

Personal insurance

Personal medication

Food & drink


The cost for the whole day is £50 per person plus VAT (£60). Further information will be sent nearer the time. If you need accommodation we suggest booking accommodation as soon as possible. Accommodation options range from luxury hotels, self-catering lodges,  B&Bs, cottages or for the more budget conscious hostels and caravan/camp sites.

Book onto one of our specified dates or let us know and we can arrange a bespoke day for you as an individual or with friends/family.